Race to Freedom

Here at Lynn & Associates, our motto is, “We think big to work big so we can GIVE BIG.” Our CEO, Stuart Lynn, has worked closely with a charitable organization called King’s Ransom Foundation with various projects and fundraisers over the years and employees have followed suit. King’s Ransom Foundation dedicates every dollar to those in need. No administrative costs. No salaries. No marketing fees. EVERY DOLLAR GOES TO THOSE IN NEED.

Recently, a scourge has been brought to our attention and we have dedicated ourselves to helping the cause of freeing children from sex trafficking, which is a 32-billion dollar annual industry worldwide. We’re asking for your help. Together, we can do this! Stuart Lynn and Race to Freedom, a group of extraordinary individuals, have decided to get out of their comfort zones and off their couches and run in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon of San Antonio on November 17, 2013. If you want to participate in the race, go to:www.racetofreedom.org and register to run or walk for this event. If you’d like to make a donation, click the “GIVE NOW” link and follow the directions. Tiny drops make up an ocean. We appreciate your gift, great or small.

Thanks and have a blessed day.

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