Ping Pong

I’ve had the privilege to hang out with some amazing people this week. My good friend, Stacy O’Quinn, has people from his executive mentorship group come to Orlando, FL, and hang out with him to brainstorm ideas. He and I are always looking to spend time together and mastermind so he invited me to join him this week in Orlando. It was a good way to vacation with my family and hang out with him and his group.

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Talk about a rough trip…NOT! We’ve been having a BLAST! Sunday night, we were grilling and there was a ping pong table nearby. I love ping pong. I really love ping pong. I played a lot while in college to pass the time from studying one hard class to another. The standing rule in my companies is this: If you can beat me I’ll give you the day off. So far no one has been given a ping pong day off. Stacy has a similar story. He used to play ping pong a lot while in the Air Force and so the trash talking ensued. Remember, he had a big group with him and the only one representing my companies was the Lynn Family. I knew a wager was fixing to be made so I figured someone should benefit from it. In this season of my life, it’s not how much I can give or what Lynn & Associates can give but how much WE as a whole can give. I know without question that when you give, you are given. What we did was have the executive mentor group put up some money and then the loser of the game match that amount. The money raised would go to free children from the sex trade.

So the ping pong game began.

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What was the end result? The executive mentor group put up $3500, the loser put in their $3500 and the winner donated $3500 as well. All in all, $10,500 was given to a great cause. That’s pretty amazing when 6 years ago I could even pay my own light bill!
If you’d like to know who won and, more importantly, you’d like to donate to this amazing cause, click over to the King’s Ransom website HERE. Send any size donation on that page, then shoot us an email with your name, and we will personally send you the link to the hilarious video of the evening. (Here’s a bonus: EVERY penny of your donation goes to freeing children from sex trade; no overhead fees, no administrative costs, no advertising bills.)
So, what’s the takeaway from this awesome trip? It’s rising above your circumstances to live the life you were called to live. I can guarantee you that you are called for more. It is in your DNA. It’s not easy but life as you live it isn’t easy either, is it? Life is difficult at times, but it’s difficult either way.  Why not make it worth it? Whatever it is you are going through, push through it to get to YOUR next step. It’s not any one else’s but yours. I BELIEVE in you.


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