Developing our Company from the Inside Out

Eighteen of us from all of my companies just got back from a seminar in Dallas where we participated in Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success. Any time that many people travel together to partake in an event, there are logistical issues. Last week as we were getting ready, I was thinking about all the different things it takes to put these company events together:  hotel reservations, gathering money, transportation, etc. It can be a daunting task, to say the least. But none of it really bothered me much because I knew what was on the other side. I know that what my people will gain out of attending the seminar is much more than what it took to get there.

I was reading an article last week and it stated that the average company spends 50-70 percent of gross revenue on employee payroll but less than 1 percent on developing their employees. That blows my mind. That makes no sense to me. Why would an owner spend so much money on something and not make the most of it? Some of my companies spend an entire Friday afternoon on personal development. We have company retreats that cost lots of money. I pay my people to develop themselves with seminars, books, etc. Yes, it’s an expense, but it pays dividends not only in the work place but at home. Even at the most basic level, isn’t that what a business owner wants to do?

I do my best to always think outside the box, stay outside my comfort zone, and not do things like everyone else. Thanks to that article, I was reminded that we are not the average company!

FSTSJenn Developing our Company from the Inside Out

Katee Revis (Port Lavaca office), Jasmine Cortez (Rockport), Sheri Mayfield (Bay City), and Jennifer Cortez (Rockport) prepare for Dani Johnson’s Saturday morning presentation at First Steps to Success.


 Developing our Company from the Inside Out

SUPPER TIME! Gabby & Jarad Ramirez (Chipman Construction), Jacob Carrillo (Mid Coastal Lumber & Hardware), ME, Lisa Kayser (Sample Engineering), Mary Lou Lynn (Bay City Office), Darrell Carrillo (Mid Coastal Lumber & Hardware), Chance Kucera (Kainos Steel), and Gaurav Supekar (Bay City Office)



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